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The Church at Station Hill $13 Million City of Spring Hill

It began several years ago when Tanya Strother, wife of Brentwood Baptist staff member Jay Strother, started getting to know the women in her neighborhood. She realized they didn’t go to church and weren’t interested in driving from Spring Hill to Brentwood to attend ours when she invited them.

At the same time, the leaders of our church had already recognized the need and potential for regional campuses in Middle Tennessee. This began a conversation about starting a regional campus in the Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station areas.

In 2010, under the leadership of Jay Strother, that dream became reality when 50 Brentwood Baptist families helped launch The Church At Station Hill in Thompson’s Station. Since then, our members have met each week in a leased space. And after what seems like a short time, we’ve already outgrown it— experiencing 53% growth and welcoming more than 950 people on Easter in 2013.

Our congregation approved the purchase of 30 acres of land to construct a building in that area. Now, it’s time to get started. Ground-breaking is expected to begin in the summer or fall of 2014.

“A couple of years ago, I started going to the Spring Hill Civil War Battlefield site to pray. One of the things I prayed for was where we needed to be. Several months ago, Mike shared a devotional out of Genesis 14 where God instructed Abraham to pray to the north, east, south, and west. So I’d literally stand in that spot and do that. As we were looking at pieces of property… one we came up onto from the back side was the Spring Hill Battlefield. It was just one of those Holy Spirit moments for me when I realized the very piece of property I’d been praying for God to show us the whole time—not knowing where we were going—was the very same place I’d been visiting to pray right in front of for months.”
— Jay Strother, Campus Teaching Pastor



Church at Avenue South $2 MILLION City of Nashville

Nearly 45 years ago, members from Woodmont Baptist Church in Nashville began the movement of planting a church in the rural area of Brentwood.

The success and growth of Station Hill has affirmed that we should start a new regional campus in Middle Tennessee. With Launch Team members in place and the addition of new leadership, we’re ready to fund this work in the heart of Nashville.

In July 2013, our members approved the launch of a campus located somewhere in the targeted area in and around Hillsboro, Belmont, 12 South, and Melrose—home to more than 20,000 residents.

A hard launch is expected to take place in the spring of 2014. Funds will be used to officially launch this new work and establish a temporary leased space in that area.

“Young families, couples, and adults are moving into the Nashville area in droves. God has called us to begin a new work there. Already, we’ve established a Launch Team and we’re training together to ask Him who we are—without ever knowing where we’ll land. We want to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel to those already there and those on the way by building relationships and serving them. We want our city to be better because the Christians were here.” —Aaron Bryant, Campus & Teaching Pastor


Equip | Expand | Engage $2 Million

As a part of the Middle Tennessee Initiative, we recognize that church multiplication requires more than a location. It requires leadership, support, and a strategy for reaching people. By identifying and training future church leaders, providing an infrastructure for growth, sending them out to engage the community, and funding them, we can increase the impact of local churches all over Middle Tennessee.

Equip TRAIN School of Church Leadership


To plant and revitalize healthy churches, we have to train good leaders. This school of leadership will equip, educate, and send out pastors, church planters, staff, missionaries, lay leaders, and others to lead these congregations toward relationship with Christ and a deeper walk with Him.

One of the ways we’re currently active in this process is through the TRAIN Church Planting Residency. In 2012, we welcomed our first three residents, trained them for one year, then sent them out.

In 2013, we welcomed three more residents, who will stay with us until Summer 2014, and follow in the footsteps of their predecessors.


In addition to our current efforts with The Church at Station Hill and our Nashville Campus, Brentwood Baptist is currently exploring a number of other church multiplication opportunities in Middle Tennessee, including regional campuses, church plants, people group congregations, and partnerships with existing churches for repurposing. All of these efforts will require funding to assess, launch, and initially operate.


Once in place, a new campus, plant, or repurposed church will only be as effective as its reach into the local community. Supporting the ministries of these new works and the outreach of their ministers and members through media and community involvement will be key to their success. Direct involvement in the areas of poverty, healthcare, and education will be integral parts of this strategy of engagement.

“Our family was blessed beyond measure during our ride on the TRAIN. My wife Sarah and I labeled our time at Brentwood Baptist as ‘the best year of our life.’ We had an entire year to train, hear from God, and grow in relationship with Jesus and one another. We can’t imagine starting a church without the training, support, and love that has built the foundation—not just for the future of Sent Church in San Angelo, Texas—but for the rest of our lives as well. The training we received has been exactly what we needed. We’re months into planting Sent Church and have already seen God bless our work. Now, we desire to not only plant Sent Church, but also to imitate our sending church in becoming a church multiplication center. We’ve currently multiplied into two Sent communities and seven Life Transformation Groups. We plan to begin our church planting residency in August of 2014! We can’t thank Brentwood Baptist enough for partnering with us to start a church that plants churches.” — Josh Lilly Pastor of Sent Church / San Angelo, Texas Brentwood Baptist TRAIN Graduate