Give to NEXT

Give to NEXT

A significant aspect of supporting the Middle Tennessee Initiative is through financial gifts. This page summarizes the projected allocation of funds that will be raised through the NEXT Stewardship campaign.We have now entered the giving phase of the campaign. While the campaign runs from March 2014 through March 2016, new participation is encouraged at any time during the period.The form below remains active for submitting a commitment at any time for the remainder of the two year campaign. Making a commitment helps church leadership plan the implementation of various aspects of the Middle Tennessee Initiative while maintaining our commitment to no long-term debt.To give online, go to

Thank you for your prayerful consideration and support of the Middle Tennessee Initiative through the NEXT campaign.

Key Areas

The Church at Station Hill

$13 Million

  • New Building Construction
Nashville Campus

$2 Million

  • Build-Out / Start-Up Costs
Equip | Expand | Engage

$2 Million

  • Church Multiplication
  • TRAIN/Leader Training
  • Media Presence

“If you want to be a person who will, Jesus will make you a person who can. If we want to be a church who will, Jesus will make us a church who can.”

“Now is the time we’ve been waiting and praying for since we started. We have the place and resources to go and change the world. And we do it by first changing Middle Tennessee.”

“The minute we protect the status quo in our church, we’re dead. God is calling us to a new thing. And He’s calling us because, in our history, we’ve been a church who will. If He’s calling us, He’ll provide.”

— Mike Glenn